Stefan wanted Elena to be a vampire also, but he didn’t force her. Damon gave her no option. He just fed her his blood.


Stefan gives Elena choices, he doesn’t make decisions for her. Elena even admitted that to Stefan, Damon makes decisions for her.


Stefan explained how different Elena is from Katherine, which is why he fell in love with her. Damon didn’t.


Stefan sacrificed himself to save his brother and Damon repays him by falling/getting closer to Elena.


Damon made a promise to make Stefan’s life hell. Why? Because Katherine turned Stefan also.


Damon always gets involved with girls that Stefan was involved with first; Katherine, Rebekah, Elena


Damon doesn’t care that the only reason Stefan came to mystic falls was to start a life with Elena.


Stefan couldn’t think of a better way to die then for Elena.


Stefan knows what’s right for her, Damon tries to control her every move.

Daily reminder that Damon slept with Elena’s biological mom, Isobel.